About L.A.

Hello Beauties(L)!

My name is Leena Asarfi, makeup obsessed and loving everything beauty related.

Five years ago i got introduced to the beauty world. I started participating into beauty pageants. It was amazing! The glitter, glamour, makeup, photoshoots, it was a whole new world for me and I instantly fell in love! After my first beauty pageant i continued with other pageants and i also started with modelling, asian and western. I did a lot of photoshoots, catwalk shows, music videoclips for serveral brands/companies/artists.

Being in this beautyworld, your appearance is one of the most important things. I really enjoyed when someone was doing my makeup & hair and i could sit in the makeup chair for hours. I’ve worked with so many good makeup artists and i really got inspired by the way makeup can not only change you, but how it can highlight the beautiful features in someones face, is amazing! So a few years ago i started experimenting with makeup and it became my passion. I followed a few workshops and started freelancing.

So I created this blog to share this passion of mine with all you beautygeeks.

I will post different kind of blogs/pictures/videos about makeup, beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

Some facts about me:


– Im a dutchie!
– Living in the Netherlands
– I have my Bachelor in HR
– Im Miss Earth Netherlands 2015
– I love beauty pageants
– Im a model & makeup artist
– Cantlivewithoutmyeyeliner
– Enjoying life to the max
– Love travelling
– Love meeting new people
– Okithinkthisisenough :)



Love, LA